Sanctum Sanctorum Astrum Aurum

An ancient mystical order for pursuing the Great Work.

Greetings fellow wanderer! Welcome to the official site of the OTAO esoteric mystery school and temporal order. We are an ancient mystical order for initiates, adepts, mystics, and astral work in the traditions of Egypt, India, the Orient, and Atlantis.

The fact you are here is an indication that your psyche, your soul.. your spirit, is yearning for something deeper. The alchemical work of ancient mystics was not only focused on transforming base metals into gold, it was actually about finding the secret knowledge of life's mysteries and achieving inner wealth and balance! This was the true alchemy pursued by the mystics.

Perhaps you were raised in a religious setting and rejected it as an adult? Do you now feel as though your religion has inhibited you? Well my friend, here is the first truth: Organized Religion is the Curse on Humanity.

Wisdom, Strength, and Truth.

Authentic hand-painted Eye of Horus - Cairo, Egypt

Official OTAO hieroglyph issued from Giza, Egypt.